Who is The Family Commission?

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A GrahamAnna Kennedy

Director and Founder of Autism Services

Due to the lack of services within her Local Authority for her own two children affected by autism, Anna Kennedy cofounded the charity Hillingdon Autistic Care and Support in 1997. By 1999, with her husband Sean they had opened Hillingdon Manor School, a specialist primary school for children with an autistic spectrum disorder. By 2003, Hillingdon Manor School had become a Centre of Excellence and expanded to open a secondary school, which provides specialist education for 95 children aged between three and 19.

In 2008 Anna joined forces with Hillcrest Care and this helped take the school and their adult services forward into the Hillingdon Group’s next stage of development.

Anna is also the author of the best seller ’Not Stupid’, an auto biography of the struggles endured to provide an appropriate learning environment for her sons and for other children and adults diagnosed within the autistic spectrum.

Call for evidence
Call for evidence