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Posted on August 3 2009 by 4Children

The Family Commission has a unique approach with in-depth and innovative research and analysis. We will be looking at a number of themes…

Families as carers

We will explore the role, potential and aspirations of families in their caring role for children and older people. We will look at how we can support families to provide care for the people they love whilst balancing work, finances and complex lifestyles.

Intergenerational relationships

We will look at ways of nurturing and maximising the potential for intergenerational support and relationships within the family and ask how we can support families across the generations as lives become increasingly complex and fast moving.

Families new to the UK

We will examine the support needs and aspirations of families who are new to the UK as economic migrants, asylum seekers or refugees and ask how families new to the UK can turn high aspirations into reality.

Families under stress

We will consider the needs of vulnerable families, looked after children and families with a parent in prison.

We will explore how the resilience and capacity of the family can be harnessed and strengthened, and ask how services can provide the tailored help and support that families with complex and challenging circumstances need.

Supporting parental relationships

We will examine the impact of parental conflict on children and young people and ask how we can support parental relationships whilst understanding the unique, complex and intensely personal nature of these. Importantly, we will ask how we can help families withstand the strains and stresses of family life during times of economic difficulty.

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