Starting a Family Revolution – Family Commission report launch

Posted on October 13 2010 by Anne Longfield

Today, the Family Commission is launching the result of 18 months of hard work, having spoken to families up and down the country about what messages they wanted us to take to Government about their needs and aspirations for the future.

The report released today, Starting a Family Revolution,  is both powerful and very timely. It is brimming with evidence of the challenges and solutions that families have  – and is being launched one week ahead of the Government Spending Review.  We will be following up on each of the recommendations and the challenges over coming weeks. 

One of the main asks of the report is for a ‘Family Test’ for Government and for all of us with a call for a new contract between the state and families that recognizes that families are assets not burdens. We want to highlight how families hold many of the answers and solutions that people are looking for – if they only had the help they need to harness them.  It has a wide range of recomendations and calls for a strengths based approach to family support which intervenes early to prevent crises. It also calls for an extension of Children’s Centres to include the extended family and older children.  These are the approaches that 4Children has been following in our own work in Centres and projects around the country which I am delighted to say are increasingly being seen as leaders in the field. 

Hopefully you’ll hear more about the findings in the media coverage we have planned throughout the week. We will also be disseminating the report widely across Government and across the sector over coming weeks. 

We met the Minister, Sarah Teather, yesterday to discuss it and she will be responding to it when she speaks at our Westminster ‘Big Society’ conference today.

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