Flexible Progress

Posted on September 30 2010 by Anne Longfield

I’m pleased to see that helping families to strike a healthy work life balance remains a priority in Government. Today the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills announced that the right to request flexible working will be extended to parents of children under 18 from April 2011.

Help in coping with the pressures of balancing work and family commitments has been one of the main asks of families we’ve spoken to over the 18 months of the Family Commission inquiry. This extension is estimated to benefit nearly 300,000 people . I hope  that people take advantage of this opportunity so that the practice becomes more commonplace. As well as benefitting families, employers will also find that they are able to hold onto valued employees that they may otherwise lose. I hope that in years to come flexible working will be something that all employers recognise as helping both families and businesses to thrive.

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