A GCSE in parenting

Posted on August 9 2010 by Anne Longfield

Frank Field, the chair of the Government’s review into poverty and life chances, has set out his idea of a GCSE in parenting in his first report to the Prime Minister. As part of, or replacing PSHE lessons, he wants pupils in schools to learn about good parenting and how to raise children properly. He said that a formal style exam for 16 year olds would help turn young people into ‘five start parents’ of the future.

Frank Field’s first report is interesting and highlights a vital area of support. It is right for parenting to be prioritised and put at the top of the agenda. It is an important way of supporting families and a key part of early intervention. By teaching the next generation of young people to be good parents it can help prevent and stop many of the long term problems arising and create a happy environment for children to grow up in.


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