New study says babies don’t suffer when mums work

Posted on August 1 2010 by Anne Longfield

Some of the papers this morning are giving good profile to a  new study published by the Society of Research in Child Development. The study contradicts a hefty volume of previous reseach that says that a child suffers as a result of mums going back to work within the first year of their lives.

This study says that when additional factors are taken into account, such as increased income which can result in higher quality childcare, there are some real benefits which can negate the downsides. When speaking to families across the country, it is clear that all mums want the best for their children but where generous maternity packages aren’t available, many have no option but to return to work early.  I hope this report come as a source of comfort and helps ease the guilt that many mothers feel when they return to work, whenever that may be.

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