Keeping in touch – Terminate the Rate

Posted on August 13 2009 by Anne Longfield

A_Longfield4Children has just joined a really important campaign.  Terminate the Rate aims to reduce unfair charges made by mobile phone companies on people calling mobiles from landlines.  Our family work has already shown how important it is for families to be able to keep in touch.  Whether it is isolated elderly relatives; family members living long distances apart; or parents wanting to be able to keep in touch with the kids, not having to worry about the cost of telephone calls means that families don’t have to think twice before picking up the phone.  Find out more and sign up as a supporter at


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One response to “Keeping in touch – Terminate the Rate”

  1. I am also a supporter of Terminate the Rate. I have a young family and work away from home 4 days a week so it is essential for me to be in contact with them

    The more people who join the campaign the better.

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